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Zadov A E, Gazeev V M, Pertsev N N, Gurbanov A G,
Gobechiya E R, Yamnova N A, Chukanov N V
Geology of Ore Deposits 51 (2009) 741-749
Calcioolivine, gamma-Ca2SiO4, an old and new mineral species
Locality: Mt. Lakargi, Upper Chegem Plateau, northern Caucasus,
Kabarda-Balkaria Republic, Russia
_database_code_amcsd 0018297
5.074 11.211 6.753 90 90 90 Pbnm
atom     x     y     z Biso
Ca1      0     0     0  3.9
Ca2  .9890 .2796   .25  3.8
Si   .4297 .0991   .25  3.4
O1    .741 .0902   .25  3.6
O2    .295 .9619   .25  1.7
O3    .300 .1604 .0596  2.6
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