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Zubkova N V, Pushcharovsky D Y, Giester G, Smolin A S, Tillmanns E,
Brandstatter F, Hammer V, Peretyazhko I S, Sapozhnikov A N, Kashaev A A
Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Monatshefte 2002 (2002) 145-159
Bismutocolumbite, Bi(Nb.79Ta.21)O4, stibiocolumbite, Sb(Nb.67Ta.33)O4 and their
structural relation to the other ABO4 minerals with
stibiotantalite (SbTaO4) structure
Locality: Malkhan field, Central Transbaikalia, Russia
_database_code_amcsd 0014918
5.668 11.725 4.971 90 90 90 Pnna
atom     x     y     z occ  Uiso
Bi     .25    .5 .7803     .0184
Nb   .3488   .25   .25 .79 .0080
Ta   .3488   .25   .25 .21 .0080
O1   .1392 .3051 .5046     .0131
O2   .4143 .0979 .4124     .0092
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